Rinzin Agency Pte Ltd
Contact: Ricky Ho & Eva & Leah
HP: 82869210 / 82869211 / 67330667.
545 Orchard Road, #04-40 Far East Shopping Centre, Singapore 238882



At JES we are a very special agent and humbly we are proud to be, because we recruit directly almost 90% of our girls. We serve almost 90% Indian Expat and ABOUT 70% of them are vegetarians and we have successful placed many non vegetarian in these families because of great shortage of vegetarian maids.

We have Hindu/Tamil/Filipino/Myanmar/Indonesian speaking support staff and are able to quickly find out the root problems of the girls and resolve issues faster. For families who have new born or very young children and both couple are working. We strongly suggest those girls that we personally met and screened.

Some of our Filipino girls are special selected by our Filipino staff's mother back home or personally interviewed by me and we make sure that they are of a sound mind and have no record of child abuse and DO NOT have a habit of beating even their own children.

Ricky will be in overseas most of the time managing the supplies chain and call centre. Pls sms or email to us and he will reply you. I will be travelling OVERSEAS to the Philippines/Myanmar/India and Indonesia and China to do supplies chain management and ensuring you the BEST the applicants


Sending you a sound minded girl is PARAMOUNT to us because baby do not talk and if anything will to happen, telling you sorry will not going to help. We exercise special care in selecting a good maid for this family.

Our Sincere request: We are agent and we do our best to settle conflicts or crises between employers and domestic helpers.

We can't never predict girls behaviors or when their family member will be sick. Girls will be home sick to a lesser or greater extent and we are able to counsel them. If all efforts failed, the best as agent we can do is do a careful replacement and exercise business goodwill and to assist you.

Our call centre will support you even after office hours, leave us a sms or email and we will think of a solution and call you back the next day. Many time a immediate solution may not be possible. Keep our cool so that a good solution can be reached. If it is urgent we will call you back.

Relationship have to be built and not forced, girls are 24 hrs with the employers and when girls failed, it will be beneficial if both parties evaluate what happened so that we as agent can solve the root problems. Thanks

  • Crises +65-82869210 (sms- IF NO RESPONSE)
  • +63-85231281 (hot line)
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